“A Sound Business is A Good Business”

Advanced Wall System (AWS) was founded in 2005 by our Managing Director – Mr Chris Chen. The company began as distributors of European partitions, meeting the needs of MNCs who are growing their foothold here in Singapore. It was not easy being distributors as certain limitations to what you can offer are inevitable while trying to give a competitive edge in the emerging market.

Hence, Chris has decided to take a big step into research & development of products that tailor to the needs and trend of the current market. Given his extensive years of product knowledge & experienced gained while working with various European brands, the company progressively move towards design and creating their own proprietary solutions that would meet the growing demand from Multinational companies and Small Medium Enterprises.

Also, often we hear from people that system partitions are expensive and budget conscious projects will always leave them out. Hence, turning to the use of alternate affordable solutions in dividing of office spaces. But having in mind that quality & aesthetic possibly will be compromise.

In order to change this perception and with a strong passion, AWS was born.

Here we are proud to introduce our own home grown proprietary glass partition system.

The name AWS, that says it all, the abbreviation which stands for Advanced Wall System, is a company that will turn your average panes of glass into a complete demountable glass partition system.

We are a home grown brand in Singapore and always strive to provide clients from all walks of life, a quality and yet affordable partition system products.

We strive to deliver not only just the products, but also a good experience.


Design Excellence - Seeking excellence in design is AWS’s first key objective. The corporate workplace is one of the most complex areas in the world of interior design. A multitude of factors, ranging from ergonomics to regulations and from functionality to appearance, all cleverly combine to create a well-designed product with high level of performance.

The know-how of selecting various materials and hardware, set on the basis of their qualities, efficient integration, environmental-responsibility and sustainability.

Our belief in design excellence derived from concept to the smallest detail – through careful planning and continually testing without forgetting aesthetics, allowing AWS to create a beautiful glazed partition system that provides practical solutions to the future workplace.


Our vision is to be recognized, as the leader in creative interior demountable glass partitioning, glazed doors, modular walls.

Our mission and values are designed to achieve that vision, by employing talented, forward thinking people who use the latest technology and personal experience to deliver on the promises we make to our clients at all stages.

Through strong relationships both with our clients and suppliers, with a dedication to design, manufacture and install innovative glass partition systems in the commercial arena, we are confident in our ability to match the requirements of all of our clients and strive to deliver an end result that will improve the space our systems are installed in.

Employee ability and commitment is key to our ability to perform and we ensure that our workforce remain focused and driven through continued training in industry standards and regulation, strengthening their knowledge and personal pride.

Leadership and a desire to outperform our competitors will have a central influence, though always under-pinned by a strong compliance culture.


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Advanced Wall System (S) Pte Ltd.

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