ACOUSTICs Wall System (AWS)

– The Name that says it all.

The future is here and more affordable than ever with us.

Our solutions form part of your architecture and combine superior looks with contemporary functionality and economy. We drive innovation in our sector. 

Innovative manufacturer, competent consultant, reliable partner.


AWS is the specialist for partition wall, room-in-room and acoustic systems. Quality, co-operation, partnership and reliability have determined our working methods for over 15 years. As a manufacturer and specialist for interior design, we consider ourselves connected with the integration of both innovative ideas with technology.

We strive to deliver, not only the products,

but also on a best experience.

DUO+ Glazing


These walls are on the cutting-edge of partitioning; a unique blend of design and technology it could offer...

VETRO+ Glazing


A slim glass wall system with a broader trim. Offering a bolder border and yet soft look. Demarcating rooms individually with its own character within.

New Innovations


We continue to explore new method to build system glazing. Integration with Technology has been the recent trend requested by many clientele. 

whatWE DO

Our doors are as varied as our systems. Solid, all-glass or aluminium frame doors: they are all harmonious continuations of the interior architecture.

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Door System

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