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AWS® (abbreviated for Acoustics Wall System), founded in 2005, is a company that will turn your average panes of glass into a complete demountable system partition.

We are experts 


AWS® employs specialists who are well-versed in the fields of partition walls, room solutions and acoustics. Our solutions form part of your architecture and combine superior looks with contemporary functionality and economy. We drive innovation in our sector. How do we work today? How will we work tomorrow? We discern the latest requirements and developments at an early stage and help shape them.

We are a reliable partner 

Tailor-made office worlds are developed in a joint process together with architects, planners and customers. Flexibly, individually and economically. For this reason we are continually developing our systems and modifying them to meet current requirements. We strive to find the best possible solution with the best possible quality. 

Flexi-Glaze-1-v2 (1).jpg

We think about tomorrow.

For us, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. The sustainability concept of our products is anchored in the selection of materials as well as in their modularity and flexibility. Due to their simple assembly, the partition wall systems are re-usable even when room modifications are carried out. This means they have an especially long service life.

The know-how of selecting various materials and hardware, set on the basis of their qualities, efficient integration, environmental - responsibility and sustainability.


Our beliefs in design excellence derives from the concept of paying attentions to the smallest details – through careful planning and continuous testing(without forgoing aesthetics), AWS® is allowed to create a beautiful glazed partition system that provides practical solutions to the future workplace.


"Good Sound is Good Business"


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Wall System Pte Ltd

Office Address:

243 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1, ShunLi Industrial Park, Singapore 416056

Tel: +65 6327 6366

Fax: +65 6224 6343

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